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Cambridgeshire Damp Surveys & Damp Inspections

Our independent damp & timber surveyor, Stuart predominantly covers Essex, Hertfordshire, London, Cambridgeshire & Suffolk.

Though when required he does go further afield.

Our damp surveyor, Stuart regularly undertakes independent damp and timber surveys in the following Cambridgeshire towns: Cambridge – Great Shelford – The Abingtons – Alconbury – Duxford – Great Wilbraham – Grantchester,

Cambridgeshire towns and villages that Stuart undertakes independent damp, timber & mould surveys include:

The Abingtons, Alconbury, Abraham, Bar Hill, Bassingbourn, Broughton, Bury, Bench, Caldecott, Cambourne, Cambridge, Carleton-cum-Willingham, Castle Croydon, Cottenham, Camps, Chippenham, Covington, Duxford, Dry Drayton, Ellsworth, Eaton, Ely, Fen Ditton, Fenstaton, Loxton, Graham, Great Shelford, Great Wilbraham, Great Stukeley, Grantchester, Hardwick, Hinxton,  Horseheath, Huntingdon, Linton, Milton, Ramsey, St Ives, Soham, Stapleford, Afford, Willingham, Wisbech St Mary, Wood Ditton.

In the office, we mark on a map of Cambridgeshire the towns and villages where we’ve undertaken independent damp and timber surveys.

In Cambridgeshire, Stuart is regularly out damp surveying in the following Cambridgeshire places:  The Abingtons, Alconbury, Abraham,  Cambridge, Cottenham, Camps, Duxford, Dry Drayton, Great Shelford, Great Wilbraham, Great Stukeley, Grantchester,

Covering your area  

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