Damp and Timber Pathology

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Within the UK, heritage buildings are generally categorised as those constructed prior to 1919. These make up approximately a quarter of the UK building stock.

The traditional method of building focused on vapour permeability. This focused on moisture which ingressed into the fabric of the building, evaporating out when the climatic conditions improved to fairer weather. However, modern living generates significant more moisture internally; whilst more recent poor building practices have often led to the blocking of moisture vapour barriers. This often leads to building deterioration; and can be made yet worse without a survey, by a firm that understands heritage properties and how best to improve and safeguard their future.

At Healthy Abode we are independent damp and timber surveyors, we follow the British Standard 7913: 2013, Guide to the conservation of historic buildings. This requires that Healthy Abode’s surveyors and heritage building consultants focus on maintaining; and assisting to return a building to its original performance characteristics; this requires ensuring the building retainsi vapour permeability.

At Healthy Abode, we properly analyse buildings and look for the cause of damp, identifying all the defects and then recommend appropriate remedial treatments, suitable for the period and type of construction.

Our professional, accurate diagnosis relies heavily upon the knowledge of our independent specialist surveyors, Peter and Stuart built up over decades of experience. Our specialist equipment includes thermal imaging cameras, Protimeter Surveymasters, MMS2’s, hygrometers, temperature spot probes, calcium carbide meters, boroscopes and so on.

Adhering to the surveying methodology of BS 7913: 2013; Healthy Abode practice building pathology utilising a process suitted to surveying residential and commercial heritage properties.

For further information, call 01245 206 250 or email: info@healthyabode.co.uk

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